Thursday, May 26, 2011

Awww, it's a shame for Blogger; I love Tumblr now :0(

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

"Pikachu is dead..."

Simon Scott - Depart, Repeat 7"

I bought this because: I'm a sucker. No that's not strictly true, but I wasn't bowled over by the music initially and was more sold on the mystery and potential of 6 more hand made 7"s being released over the next few years. With the possibility, in my head anyway, that one of those releases might be a Peter Broderick release. I bought from the label too so that I qualify for some special surprise when the last 7" is released. Sounds intriguing. It cost me £10 for this 7", so it better be bloody worth it!!

Umberto\C V L T S - Split 7"

I bought this because: it's limited to 300 copies (on white vinyl) and I didn't want to um and ahh, then get stiffed buying it from eBay or Discogs after it sold out. Some beautifully dark drones going on. The Umberto album is amazing.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

"It's a shame these sofas are flame retardant"

Penelope Joy & Peter Broderick - Apple Bobbing At ___

I bought this because: of the afore mentioned Broderick fixation. There were only 100 made, mine's number 45. I missed out on the Digitalis tape (Ten Duets), and there were 300 of those, so with this capture I feel all warm and (chosen?), nah, special :0) You can stream it here...

Thursday, February 24, 2011

"What's my problem? I'm allergic to idiots and the only cure is £1million. Cash"

Lykke Li - I Follow Rivers 7"

I bought it because: despite the fact that it reminds me of Duffy (!), it is cool, catchy and has a very infectious little Japanese drum hook.

NOMO and Shawn Lee - Upside Down limited 7"

I bought it because: it's another damn fine addition to my 'funky sevens' box. Limited to 500 copies and comes with some cute little jukebox inserts. Shawn Lee got da beats fo' shure.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Lemon Jelly - Rolled\Oats 7"

I bought it because: it's a very cute little promo-only 7" containing 2 special mixes of tracks from their Lost Horizons LP. Gold vinyl picture disc in a printed hessian bag. Only £6.99, when it usually goes for abut £20. Ruff.

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Heather Woods Broderick - From The Ground LP

I bought this because: of the Peter Broderick connection (sister\brother) and his appearance on the album. It's marvellous in it's own right however and limited to a measly 222 copies on Digitalis Records.

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

New feature (yawn! oi!): records I buy and why.

Eddie Johns\George Duke – More Spell On You\I Love You More 7”

I bought it because: they are original versions of the tracks sampled by Daft Punk for “One More Time” and “Digital Love” and they are damn good.

Breakwater\Edwin Birdsong – Release The Beast\Cola Bottle Boy 7”

I bought it because: they’re more original versions of Daft Punk sampled tunes. The basis for “Robot Rock” and "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger".

Gorillaz – White Flag 10”

I bought it because: it’s the best track on the, pretty lame, Plastic Beach LP. Has a superb Arabian flavoured orchestral intro. Limited to 1000 for Record Store Day 2010

Oriol – Night And Day 2xLP

I bought it because: it was one of the best albums of 2010. Future beats with plenty of melody and funk – recommended if you don’t know it already.

Dro Carey – Venus Knock EP 12”

I bought it because: it was supposed to be limited to 200 copies in a hand-stamped cover, from Will Bankhead’s The Trilogy Tapes label. It’s also very good in an original, experimental beats stylee.

PRODUCER #1 – Various 2xLP

I bought it because: Fat City have good form and the hook-ups are sweet. MF Dooooom! Plus it was only £10.99 from Amazon for a double LP with free P+P.

Lafayette Afro Rock Band – Soul Makossa LP

I bought it because: there are some righteous tunes on there, including Hihache and Voodounon. Samples, samples, samples.

Tensnake In The House EP1 – Various 12”

I bought it because: Coma Cat is my house tune of 2010 and this 12” only cost me £4.99 from HMV inc P+P.

Goose – Words Remixes 12”

I bought it because: of a chance hearing. The Living Islands Tropical Doom mix sounds like late 80’s\early 90’s proto-trance (aka 808 State)

Imagination - Just An Illusion (Lindstrom Remixes) 12”

I bought it because: it was only £3.99 from, it has the original AND 2 Lindstrom mixes. Bonusk!

Ramadanman – Appleblim Void 23 EP 12”

I bought it because: the Carl Craig mix destroys it! Why is it so expensive though? £8.99? Really?

Peter Broderick and Johan G Winther – Re:Create Series Vol 1 7"

I bought it because: I’m a Broderick collector (groupie!). Limited to 350 copies and each is unique. Better to grab it now rather than regret it later when it’s sold out everywhere. Except eBay.

Rauelsson With Peter Broderick – Replica LP

I bought it because: of the same reasons above. However, the music of Rauelsson is something I’ve now been turned on to – very good.

Trophy Wife – Microlite 7"

I bought it because: they are one of the ‘next big things’ from Oxford. The A and B sides are awesome and will undoubtedly be in my Top 10 tracks of 2011 and we’re only just into February.

How To Dress Well – Love Remains LP

I bought this because: I wanted the original Lefse Records version rather than the Tri-Angle release. It was cheaper ordering from Lefse themselves and they gave me downloads of the album and a compilation of artist tracks from their roster – all excellent.


Not many then :0/ I reckon I'll keep on top of them from now on, so that was all of January's in one hit (half of them were birthday pressies too). And here's a little Spotify playlist for all the ones I could find - shizzle.