Friday, April 16, 2004

Hey they was a spider in the sink this morning, only a small one mind, but it's a start. Hope they don't get this big though.

Shaun of the Dead was excellent and not "silly" as knob head Chambers suggested it would be. Another irritating work "mate" is a guy who I'll call Matt. He surfs, so he calls himself a surfer. Hmm, working in IT, just about as far away from the sea as you can get in the UK? Riiight. Anyway, he shoehorns surfing into just about every e-mail , BBS posting or conversation that he can think of. Selling his car, "Would be perfect for surfers because of the size of the boot". What?! Would also be ideal for funeral directors as well, but you're not suggesting that you can fit a casket in the back are you? He recently started selling prints of surfing photographs he has taken because he's trying to raise money for a new camera that was stolen from his car whilst he was, you guessed it, surfing. Even more recently he was selling a car stereo. I deal for playing The Beach Boys, Dick Dale etc I suppose?

I went an advanced MSCE 2003 upgrade course last week. Ooooooh tough. I haven't even opened my MSCE 2000 books yet. They're under my bed, which I thought was the safest place for them, as whenever I get too close to them I fall asleep.

Which reminds me of the dream I had last night. I suspected that Ian McKellen (a self confessed Jewish Goblin - his words) had drugged Sarah who was asleep in a chair. I tried to distract him by knocking a vase of flowers over on the table behind him, but as I did this a small mechanical owl flew out of a cuckoo clock on the wall and got caught in my mohair jumper. Are these weird dreams or do other people have thoughts like this?

Finally, I made a claim with the Small Claims Court for money owed me by an eBay seller that took £40 of mine and didn't send the DVDs as promised. I'll let you know how I get on. Whoever you are.

Got my Malus Kubrick as well - sweet and sweeeet. Just need the Jest Kubrick now.

Friday, April 02, 2004

Did I already write about the embarrassing incident I had with our company's Support Forum? In a nutshell I sent a test e-mail to an address that I wasn't sure of (bad idea by the way). This then sent an e-mail to everyone that subscribed to the support site, which elicited a less than polite response from about 100+ IT technicians and Network Managers, notoriously tetchy at best. For my next trick however I attempted to retract the e-mail, which sent another mail to all the previous recipients. Then for the cherry on top I tried to recall the retraction request which, you guessed it, sent another e-mail. That was about 2 months ago and I still get Read receipts and abusive e-mails in my inbox. Can't they take a joke?

There are "people" at work that takes their shoes off and walk round in their frigging socks!! I don't really know why this irritates me so much

Also had a bogus/spam e-mail from F*cker H. Lassie. Got to be the worst spam attempt ever. As if I'm going to open that e-mail!

Kanye West - Spaceship (and the rest of the album actually) priceless. Shaun Of The Dead is going to be a definite must see.

Why is is that if you have a mint sweet, Polo, Pacer (how old?), Humbug etc and then drink a glass of cold water it feels face scrunchingly, super cold? Weird that. And eating an apple after brushing your teeth tastes like crap. Mint - dangerous stuff, like that credit card ad advises.

Maybe someone could clear this up for me: my Dad reckons that cats are baby dogs and that they pupate into salamis that nest in butchers shops. Answers on a slice of Parma to the address below.

And while you're at it: why aren't there spiders in the bath anymore? Haven't seen any since I was a kid. Maybe they'll come back when Toby grows up a bit.

Questions, questions, questions.