Wednesday, May 26, 2004

I should go away more often - the new Blogger interface is really nice. Actually I shouldn't go away more often, because then I can't remember all the really cool (honest) stuff that has happened.

So I saw the term Panglossian used today and knew that it was a reference to a teacher called Pangloss in Voltaire's - Candide, who was an eternal optimist and thought that all things happened for the greater good, even when they seemed really bad. I just finished reading that book last week, handy.

We got a new car (I am truly the Mondeo Man now) and went on holiday to Cornwall, which was very domesticated. On the way to London to pick it up I went on the Underground and boy what a lot of stories there are to tell on that people-tube. Like the massive black woman in the purple tracksuit that had, "Bling, Bling" embroidered on the, ample, chest. Ironic that she was the very anti-thesis of bling.

Then there was the boy whose girlfriend was wearing a, "Good girl wants bad boy" t-shirt, who prompted a very one way conversation from the old duffer who looked out of his head on sherry. "Is he the bad boy then, eh?". Followed by much coughing/laughing and the beginnings of an acutely embarrassing public grilling about them being a good girl and a bad boy. Serves her right for wearing a rubbish t shirt.

I got completely lost at Harlesden tube station and ended up walking across a lonely footbridge to nowhere past some real Deliverance-style train spotters ("c'mon, squeal like a brake shoe boy, c'mon, uh huh uh"). Nasty. Then when I finally made it to the High Street I was greeted with The Model by Kraftwerk belting out of speakers inside a minibus adorned with advertising and blowing huge bubbles out the back window. What the hell was that all about?! Very, very surreal.

Mad coindence - watching Kingdom Hospital reading my new Futura 2000 book > advert for film called The Vanishing > Sarah thought it was a film she saw with Robert Redford where his wife goes missing > it wasn't > guy on program watching a game show where the answer to one of the questions was Robert Redford in 3 Days of the Condor > I said, "That's a coincidence - Robert Redford" >then turned the page in my book to Futura's favourite films > first on the list - 3 Days of the Condor starring Robert Redford.

I might start posting BBS postings here from my work. They are riddikulus. Bit like that spelling. But worserer. Here's one to get your juice flowing:

"Hello All

Dose anybody know of any shops that sell cheap and descent push bikes around the area


Why would he want a bike that can only go downhill? More mysteries soon pop pickers.