Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Hip hop body rocker doing the do. Been down the pub and it's surprising how the alcohol spurs one into action sometimes.

Toby last month told me, "this is my right willy, this is my left willy". He has only got the one willy. What an idiot - he's hypermentallating.

Why is the nail on the third finger of each hand the longest?

Saw I Robot, The Bourne Supremacy and The Village recently, all good.

I took Toby to Oxford for the day about a month ago and we were in the Ashmolean trying to hide from the rain amongst a horde of Japanese tourists. As we went up the stairs to the coin section, there were a number of Japanese girls gathered around a display. They were stereotypical with glasses and short cropped hair. As we reached the first landing Toby said to me, "Dad, look....Harry Potter". I very nearly wet myself.

At work there's a guy who is continually posting notices about items he's found around the office that people may have lost. To be honest, I think he's lonely and he does it to meet people when they come to collect. Weirdo. There's another bloke who walks round the office in a very individual way - he looks like Andrew Lloyd Webber on tiptoes and buys meals for one at McDonalds.

Nighty night.