Monday, September 27, 2004

What a load of rubbish. This blog is turning into a blummin' monthly update. I am busy though. New job which eats into my lunch hour and knackers me out so's when I get home and spend 3 hours on eBay each night, I don't feel like writing up a blog - mudder vuckkah.

Anyhow, my Dad just bought a 400% UNKLE Kubrick from Canada - cool non? He's 60. I treated myself to the 25 UNKLE Kubrick box set and numerous Be@rbricks recently. Wanted to get the Indiana Jones chase figure, but I'm not willing to part with £50 for it, which is unfortunately what it goes for on eBay still.

Picked up the UNKLE After Dark CD last week as well. Definitely worth getting hold of, there are loads of awesome film (Solaris, Bladerunner, Carlito's Way?) sampling tunes. Download for free here (hot damn, which I'd seen that link before splashing out £40!). No other music to report of really. Have downloaded the Kasabian album as well and feel guilty that I haven't actually bought it - will aim to when I have adequate funds though, honest.

Went for a little nature trail walk with my Dad and Toby on Sunday. Here's what we found that took me back to my childhood:

Getting stung by stinging nettles and using the dock leaves living next to them to take away the pain
Exploding seed pods of Touch-Me-Not plants
Elasticated belts with S-shaped buckles :-)
Huge conkers falling from trees onto people, cars, dogs etc
Getting covered in burrs of all sizes
Throwing 'spears' of dried, giant cowslip
Fields of poppies
Sweet chestnuts for eating

Then after watching the superb Collateral (link: directed by Michael Mann, who did Heat, which featured Moby - God Moving Over the Face of the Water, which I'm listening to on the UNKLE After Dark mix), I came home to realise that I'd been locked out so I wandered over the The Midget (pub), bumped into a couple of work colleagues and had a few pints. Nice.

I don't see the point in offering someone (or them asking for) a crisp or a sweet that comes in a bag, like Skittles or Minstrels. The one that you gve them isn't going to do anything other than make them want more, of which they can't have, cos most of the time, you are the only one with the crisps/sweets and you're not going to then share them out equally so that both of your appetites are sated are you? No. So, no point, don't offer. And more importantly, don't ask. Then I won't have to create an awkward situation by saying no.