Wednesday, December 01, 2004

The mighty ReadMeister is staying over tomorrow as we're all going out for a Christmas meal at work. It seemed rubbish to not be able to drink and drive all the way back to Hemel Hempstead afterwards, actually just driving back to Hemel Hempstead is bad enough (chortle). I reckon he'll get on famously with Toby as they both love torches, motorbikes and Apple juice - uncanny.

Reedy (as he will henceforth be known) was talking the other day about PCB component recycling plants in China that he said we're staffed by "mutants" - caused by the chemicals they inhale whilst working. It doesn't look that funny on pape..errr...screen, but it was.

Actually, I've only just recovered enough from seeing The Grudge to start this blog again. I know I am a puff when it comes to horror films, but Chris and I were shitting ourselves in that one. Can I just run through the scary bits in a selfish act of catharcism?

  1. The very beginning - sorry, why are you going into the attic with a lighter to investigate scratchy noises whilst the mental lady you look after mongs out downstairs? Behind you!!
  2. The silhouette in the mong womans room followed by the hair growing out of the ceiling
  3. The gloopy shadow pooling under the door, drawing up into a woman shape, walking along the corridor and the looming up, all bug eyed in front of the CCTV camera
  4. The head under the quilt
  5. More dead people and the jaw in the attic
  6. Yoko, minus her jaw (try the attic love, honestly she'd forget her head if it wasn't screwed on)
  7. The Ring-like, jerky descent of the woman down the stairs on all fours - nasty
  8. The boy silent screaming behind the man's back
  9. The glimpses of the boy as the elevator descends
  10. Having to go home and trying to forget all the above

That was a bad drive back actually that night as well. It was so stormy, I had to use The Force to get home the back roads were so dark.

Observation - small boys on big bikes = trouble (always).