Thursday, March 17, 2005

"It's been a long time, I shouldn't have left you". Oh, I've done that already. I'm due to make a concerted effort with this damn blog now, I have so much I have to say (cha, right).

Went to see Hostage last night, which is a typical Bruce Willis, "fast food" type movie that you wouldn't want to watch all the time, but is good self indulgent junk to see now and again. But, I noticed again last night that when I eat popcorn I get toothache and a strange metallic sensation across my molar fillings. It's the same type of feeling that I get when I eat something from a tin with a metal spoon (not that I do that too often you understand), so I think it may be something to do with static electricity generated by the popcorn either in the popping process or in the way it is stored and mixed around - the same way that polystyrene packing chips get static when they are mixed up. Can someone look this up and e-mail me at Cheers.

Whoa Medal Of Honour! Forgot about that (my wife wishes I would) - awesome. Multiplayer, online, Teamspeak, rifles only, headshots, adrenaline, geeks - all this and more and I'm addicted. Playing mainly on a rifles only server run by IGIClan, I can't keep away.

Co-incidence: before going out I was reading the Guardian magazine with an article on Jennifer Jason Leigh, which mentioned that she starred in Dorothy Parker and The Vicious Circle. Driving to Aylesbury listening to my iPod on shuffle and the 5th or 6th song was The Ballad of Dorothy Parker by Prince.

It made me think about how awesome the iPod shuffle feature is. I've got a pretty wide range of genres on mine - 6000+ tracks and some stuff I haven't listened to in ages. So the iPod assumes this benevolent role dishing out songs to me out of the blue with no understanding of what sort of impact it's going to have on me and then I end up listening to an album over and over again for a week, as a result of one of these random selections. Like 'Cake' by The Trash Can Sinatras. If you like Travis\Keane\Coldplay and decent acoustic guitar\songwriting with an acerbic twist you NEED to find this album and listen to it. Found some lyrics for you to check out.