Friday, July 08, 2005

I haven't updated this for ages!!! I was going to one night last week, but I was blowing balloons up for Toby's birthday and a massive one burst right on my eyeball. It bloody hurt a lot I can tell you and I was weeping like a pepper-sprayed beeatch getting a pistol whipping from my pimp.

Re the bombs - I had to make a posting on the BBC website last night. Something along the lines of, "An analyst on TV tonight mentioned how carefully timed the explosions yesterday were. The terrorist creatures masquerading as people took full advantage of the UK security focus being directed towards the G8 summit in Scotland this week. Thanks to the lobotomised hooligans "protesting" in Edinburgh by throwing bins down Princes Street, Al Coward-a crept into London and succeeded in killing upwards of 50 shoppers, tourists and commuters. How brave both these groups of "freedom fighters" are."

Started a new job this week. OK so far. Rich is always looking over my shoulder though, so I'd better be careful about writing how annoying I find him.

Listened to 3 Days by Janes Addiction yesterday and that is such an awesome tune. A definite top ten for me. If it ever pops up when I've got my iPod on shuffle, despite it being 10 minutes long, I have to listen right through to the end no matter what else comes up in between. Like if I'm late for a meeting or supposed to be walking home etc. The samurai have to draw blood if they draw their blade and the same principle applies with this tune; once it's begun it has to reach conclusion.

Now, if there's one person that shouldn't be feeding sausages into their head like some kind of nightmarish, Pez-in-reverse carnivore it's Tina F. There she was, guiltily pushing them in one after another, hunched down in her cubicle. Tut tut.

And finally...I had a can of Coke and Lime last week. Noticed the Helpline number on the side of the can - 0800 227711 - and thought I'd wake them up and give them a call. I asked the lady at the end of the phone what the vitamin C value was of the lime juice they use in the drink. She said she didn't know. And that was it. End of [useless] conversation. Not really a "helpline" as such, more just a "line".