Friday, January 11, 2008

Well, answers to questions as follows:

1. From what Google-found info I've managed to squeeze into my tiny realm of understanding, you would indeed accelerate to the centre of the Earth. The momentum would then carry you up to the surface on the other side of the Earth (assuming, presuambly, that the diameter of the core to surface is the same on both sides of the globe) and you could step out onto Ozzie soil.

2. Language arrived for humans, which is better than plumage or size of air-sac for determining your future partner.

Xmas was good, New Years was really good (Eve that is. Actual day was spent in bed vomiting bile and crying with alchohol poisoning). Birthday was very good - went to to see the Andrew Goldsworthy exhibition and then into Leeds for shopping and dinner at 1920's themed Italian restaurant, Bibi's. Where Toby found a MontBlanc pen shoved down the back of one of the couches. It was only when we got home that I realised that it was a £170 pen. Now I have the dilemma that I should really call them to ask if anyone's reported a lost pen...