Thursday, October 23, 2008

Can you hear me laughing? No? I'm surprised. I can't stop. Chortling, sniggering, guffawing out loud when it builds up too much. Oh, my source of amusement, why George Osbourne of course. Blithering idiot that he is. As you may well know he tried to drop Peter Mandleson into hot water, but that particularly feisty lobster managed to escape the pan and give poor Georgie Porgie a very nasty nip on the nose. Not only that, but Georgie then had to face the press and explain why he had such a red face. (Oxford) Schoolboy error!

Now whilst this is all highly amusing for such a staunch anti-Tory such as myself, I do realise that it's probably more of an annoyance for them rather than a critical issue in itself. At the moment anyway: early days I suppose.

All that said though, I'd still prefer the rudderless, leaking, creaking ship of Labour to get us through these turbulent times than the Tory Titanic and it's traditional segregation of upper class luxury over steerage misery.