Monday, November 09, 2009

Couple of things got my goat this morning. Didn't realise I had a goat actually, until it was 'got', but that's another story (no, it's not - Ed). Right, who's first then, Jacqui Janes or Rev'd Canon Dr Giles Fraser?

OK, women first -

Yes, Jacqui Janes is beside herself with grief at the loss of her young son in Afghanistan and my absolute heart goes out to her, but the claim that the perceived spelling mistakes in her condolence letter from the PM were "disrespectful" and an "insult" to her son, is a bit hard to sympathise with when you consider that she very quickly turned that upset into a fat payment cheque from Rupert Murdoch's odious empire, i.e The Sun(k so low). I can't help but think that in a different age those feelings would have been dealt with in a more private and less mercenary way.

Which just leaves me to sneer at Rev'd Canon Dr Giles Fraser's contribution to the Radio 4's long running religio-soap box 'Thought for the Day' this morning. RCDGF, as he will now be known (because it reminds me of GDR), was telling us about the small chunk of the Berlin wall he had in a dusty drawer somewhere. He didn't explain how all the dust got into the drawer, unless it was open all the time maybe, but he was troubled by the method by which he came to possess the tiny fragment of concrete; how the, "little bit of the wall still troubles [him]".

He bought it, pause for effect, from a mini-bar in a hotel in Friederickstrasse, Berlin.....

Wha??? OK, stop right there Rev. Two things off the top of my spinning head:

a. what was a man of the cloth doing looking in the mini-bar in the first place? Hmm? and,
b. who the hell buys a bit of 'supposed' Berlin wall, sealed in plastic bag, from a fridge in a hotel-room?!

In his little 2 minutes of fame he uses the sale of the souvenir in cheap packaging from such a potently iconic event as an example of the, "ability of freedom to become something cheap and tawdry". He repeats the philosophical claim that liberty often simply translates into the "freedom to shop". Well, sorry RCDGF, but these laments and woes carry almost gossamer levels of weight when they come from a man that helped propagate the tawdriness and cheapening of liberty by actually buying the little plastic bag of concrete in the first place!!

How the deuce has he missed the irony here? The irony that, from where I'm sitting, is sounding it's stentorian air-horn and waving it's fluorescent orange flag directly in his face? Possibly by employing the same level of self-delusion required to preach as gospel a way of life derived from a story-book concocted of errors, lies and exploitation? Yes, quite possibly that.

Dr Brockles is on holiday this week.

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