Sunday, February 22, 2009

I made a t-shirt. This might be the first of many, so I'm quite excited to show it off here. You might say that there's no point me getting too excited about it really, because no-one's going to see it. I'm tucked away in a little travelled part of the web called 'personal blah-blog' with photos that only matter to me. I might be able to change that with a truck-load of spam words though, I'll see. Anyways, here you have a green 'Fruit of the Doom' (Loom) t-shirt, which has almost the entire front surface covered from top to bottom with hand-written MF Doom lyrics.

I've left an MF Doom logo shaped hole in the chest area and kind of rippled the text around it.

The lyrics I chose come from my favourite Doom-choons, which took me about 10 hours to write out. The idea behind it is that the Doom lyrics become art in their written as well as their spoken form.
1 of 1 suckah.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

If music is your thing (i.e art medium of choice) think how lucky you are that you can go and see your favourite artist in action at gigs and concerts.

Not many people could claim to get the same thrill watching an artist mixing paint or an author sharpening his pencil, compared to listening to musicians such as Friendly Fires airing the best, goddam white funk indie tunes currently available to man. Sarah (6 months pregnant - go girl!) and I saw them and White Lies at the O2 Academy in Oxford last night and they were superb. End review.

Now, a little something for the Prince fan(s) ;0)

I think, given his past record, the Purple One might blow his little top over this "copyright infringement" by Crown Paints (UK)? Maybe someone should tell him...