Tuesday, March 15, 2011

"Pikachu is dead..."

Simon Scott - Depart, Repeat 7"

I bought this because: I'm a sucker. No that's not strictly true, but I wasn't bowled over by the music initially and was more sold on the mystery and potential of 6 more hand made 7"s being released over the next few years. With the possibility, in my head anyway, that one of those releases might be a Peter Broderick release. I bought from the label too so that I qualify for some special surprise when the last 7" is released. Sounds intriguing. It cost me £10 for this 7", so it better be bloody worth it!!

Umberto\C V L T S - Split 7"

I bought this because: it's limited to 300 copies (on white vinyl) and I didn't want to um and ahh, then get stiffed buying it from eBay or Discogs after it sold out. Some beautifully dark drones going on. The Umberto album is amazing.

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